Take Your Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island to The Next Level With These Custom Design Themes!

Whether you’re new to Animal Crossing: New Horizons or a seasoned veteran looking to freshen up your island’s look with a hot new theme, custom designs are the key to creating a stunning island. Custom designs can help you rival the perfection seen on social media posts and local friends islands alike! 

In this post, we’ll highlight over 100 of my favorite custom designs available to anyone with an internet connection and a Nintendo Switch. So, get comfortable and pour a cup of coffee in your favorite mug because we’ve got some awesome community content to look over!

Where to Find Custom Designs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Mabel's shop in ACNH. Custom design Kiosk location - beside changing room, left-hand side.

This design list won’t do us any good if we don’t know how to find them! The good news is, it’s as easy as shaking branches from a tree!

Within the Able Sisters clothing shop lies a digital Kiosk in the back of the room. The Kiosk has the sole purpose of helping villagers like you share their pixel art creations worldwide! Note that using online creations will take up the same custom design slots as your own creations saved to your nook phone. Each island has a total of 50 custom designs for tiles and 50 custom outfit designs (called PRO designs in-game.) And thanks to the 2.0 update, players can now double their design slots by upgrading to the Pro Editor+ found in the resident services PC.

You can search for individual designs with a design ID. Those codes will begin with MO. You can also check a creator’s full design page with a creator ID, which are codes that begin with MA. Of course, if you’re still hungry for more custom designs after checking out this article, the Criteria Search tab is awesome for finding something specific.

Don’t worry! Using custom design codes is 100% free, and a longstanding piece of Animal Crossing gameplay!!

You Can Use Custom Design Tiles on More Than The Ground!

Custom Designs can be used on a variety of craftable objects in Animal Crossing. Grab some customization kits and try applying designs to:

  • Paper Lanterns
  • Kimono Stands
  • Plain Wooden Shop Signs
  • Stalls
  • Log Beds and Couches
  • Canvas
  • Simple Panels
  • Computer Screens
  • Mama Bear Dolls
  • Papa Bear Dolls
  • Baby Bear Dolls
  • Cushions
  • Drum Sets
  • Rock Guitars
  • Hammocks
  • Director’s Chairs
  • Both Forms of Clotheslines
  • Loft Bed with Desk
  • Coffee Mugs
  • Futon
  • Outdoor Table + Bench
  • Retro Gas Pump
  • Typewriters/Fax Machines
  • Document Stacks

…And probably a ton more, but those design slots disappear quick!

This Redditor designed an entire Alice in Wonderland Themed island I had the pleasure of visiting!
Check out creator code: 3432-6409-2210 for some card tile designs!

Laying Out The Ground Work With Floor Tiles

Having a set of matching tile designs adds more personality and depth to your paths than laying down a line of single-functional in-game bricks or terracotta. Also, dedicating a tile square to some simplistic grass garnishes helps prevent flower spam from overtaking the island during the rainy season!

A good set of path tiles is easily the most applicable custom design in the game, but be sure to weigh your options before committing to a set! Some sets require up to 10 design slots! I’ve featured some smaller sets today.

acnh, animal crossing new horizons. Custom design tiles: Italian beige bricks

This Venetian-Style Brick comes in a 3-Piece set, but can easily be reduced to a single full tile to preserve design slots!
Check out creator code: 8256-8729-3142 for all three!

This tile set is probably my favorite in the game. It features a soft beige tone – perfect for creating a muted background that really helps your floral decorations pop. Not only that, the edges respond well to being laid on pathways and rounded corners.

I’d recommend this tile to anyone seeking an aesthetic along the lines of a humble Tuscan winery or a fancy Italian restaraunt plaza!

This Ebony and Ivory duality tile design comes in a 3-Piece set, Although this one can also be broken down!
Check out creator code: 0510-0724-1782 for all three!

There’s nothing that screams out “Classy” like chiseled marble tiles. Full disclosure, my wife created these tiles. I wanted to include them because I’m seeing a large amount of black and white duality themes in islands I visit. The sharp contrast helps give busy areas like musical plazas and stages a more thematic look.

Without these tiles, this big mess of furnishings would look like an antique yard sale. That’s not our Animal Crossing dream island! Instead, let’s tie all this expensive furniture together with some plaza tiles… and probably ignore the fact that they’ve been passively collecting raindrops for almost a year.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons custom design railroad tracks. Rustic floor designs for AC on nintendo switch. Custom Creator code MA-4425-3515-9296

Meanwhile, a little wear and tear adds a ton of personality to an island!

If you have fond memories of walking along the railroad tracks with someone special, I’ve found the perfect custom design for recreating those memories in AC:NH! Thanks for sharing Serai! This design can be broken down to 2 slots in a pinch!

Looking for something a little more rustic?

Here I’m using 4 pieces of a lovely driftwood boardwalk set. The asymmetrical planks do a great job of selling the concept of being isolated in the woods. They make for charming paths from villagers homes! The full set also includes some broken board patterns and a few more matching variations to add, if you have the design slots to spare!

This design pattern is great for creating your own authentic looking Hawaiian tiki bar out on the beach. A perfect hub for relaxation!

Check out creator code: 6352-6078-6250 for access to the full set!

The Animal Crossing custom design community is going CRAZY for cottagecore! It gives off a feeling of cozy, modest, and vibrant all at once.

…And the first step to developing a great cottagecore island is a set of stepping stones. You’ll want a set you can stitch together loosely through open areas. I chose this set because it’s a tidy and compact 2 design slots!

Check out creator code: MA-5116-9644-5826

If that design is too simple for your tastes, fret not! There are stepping stones a-plenty available on the world wide web, and range from cute and cartoony to complex and enchanted. 

I have another sample here featuring 4 pieces and a much smoother, more rotund pixel art style.

It’s the perfect example of cartoony yet interesting. Also, if cottagecore is a completely new concept to you, take note of the decorative weeds and multi-color flower palette the artist used in her screenshot.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons custom design path, cobblestone. Custom creator code MA-4471-1720-0257. ACNH, AC nintendo switch

Maybe cottagecore isn’t your thing. It might remind you of that funky smell you used to notice when visiting your grandma. Or maybe you want to take a step away from the instagram herd. No problem at all! Check out this next custom design template and tell me what you think!

Getting stir crazy? You’re looking for a more exotic look! This designer dedicated her time and energy toward these mandala-style Mediterranean masterpieces! Take your friends on a Moroccan adventure brimming with color and unmatched personality!

Maybe cute is your vibe, and you simply can’t resist a good heart tile. This floor design only uses a single design space and isn’t lacking in personality!

My wife used it in her house to create her perfect sewing room. I had the perfect dress to adorn one of those mannequins, but she insisted she needed beginner-friendly dresses on display to showcase she was still learning!

Check out creator code: MA-7568-4984-7330

Speaking of the wife, I’d like to showcase one more of her designs! These cute little brick tiles create a perfect old-school downtown-style vibe! Just look at how well they compliment Able Sisters storefront!

Check out creator code: 0510-0724-1782

Of course, cute isn’t for everybody. We’re all gamers, after all.

What is a gamer without their own personal arcade? Complete with the same tacky carpets you see in just about every bowling alley in the world? Count me in!

Check out creator code: MA-7923-0324-4628

And there’s plenty more where that came from! Pick a color scheme that best suits YOUR personality! The image below features 8 different schematics that can be tailored to the arcade items you want to include in your personal quarter-free arcade room!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons custom design floor tiles. Arcade carpet set. Bowling carpet, casino carpet. Black, purple, blue backgrounds. Yellow lightning bolt carpet ACNH. Palm tree lights, pinball machines, personal arcade room.

Puddles and water themes have been picking up a ton of traction lately, and here’s just one example of a custom water path for that perfect mermaid retreat! Look at the detail in the lighting! There are some great artists in the AC:NH community!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Custom Design tile. Water path overlay. Dark Blue. Great for flooded paths or lakes. AC community creation. Creator code: MA-9735-3749

But wait! There’s more! Call in the next 20 seconds and we’ll include this image carousel with even more flooring designs to keep your heart aflutter!

That’s almost a wrap on the flooring designs for this article. Believe me, there are thousands to choose from but these were my favorites! Now, for our runner up in the competition! Drum roll, please!

custom design for chopped down fence, Animal crossing floor tile. Creator code MA-8706-9456-8191. AC Community: Josie

Oh no! Redd, you sly fox, what have you done?

Spicing Up The Walls

The simple panel set is easily the most sought after item in the game to catalog. Their pretty plain and useless on paper. Add custom designs to the mix, though, and possibilities are limitless! Most importantly, we can use these in the great outdoors to create stalls, menus, and much more!

Of course, we can also decorate canvas and other items to hang on the walls. We’ll feature some of those, too!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons bakery design ideas. Cute custom designs for simple panels. Bread panels. Jam panels. Custom kitchen shelves for ACNH.

I’ve searched everywhere and these bakery panels are the best of the bunch. Hands down.

They even feature cute little 3 tiered particle boards to separate the items on the shelves. Make no mistake. This picture may have been taken indoors, but these panels look greak for outdoor markets, too!

Check out creator code: MA-7588-1918-3598

Speaking of outdoor marketplaces: If you’re in need of a village barista, don’t go selling your soul to Tom Nook just yet! Brewster may not be in the game, but we’ve got you covered on coffee stall designs.

One of my current projects on Tymbervale is to set up an outdoor theater with all these new Festivale event items. They’re gorgeous, aren’t they? Unfortunately, I can’t justify another 20 hours of Animal Crossing as “Article Research” without my wife throwing a tantrum, so this photo will have to do for now!

This outdoor theater speaks volumes!
Check out creator code: MA-4654-6691-0952

Noura created those curtains. She also has tons of other great designs worth looking at. She’s easily one of the most talented pixel artists in the world!

Just take a look at this tile: It could be used as a bedspread, wallpaper, art, it really knows no bounds!

Speaking of artwork...

Maybe you’re itching for a more modern living room aesthetic. You’re in luck! Here’s a creator with 9 contemporary pixel art masterpieces. Picasso would be proud! 

Maybe artwork isn’t your thing. Maybe you’ve always stared at the stained glass windows of churches around the world in envy. Well, cast your envy aside! In AC:NH, we have an app for that!

On the topic of casting away, when the heck will Robin move off of my island?

I keep hitting her with my net, but she just can’t take a hint!

I know I’m not alone on this one. Millions of unwelcome villagers worldwide need that little extra push to tell them: “Hey, look. You just don’t water our flowers enough. Sorry, not sorry.”

“Err… it’s not you… it’s me? Look, this isn’t easy! Just get outta here!”

PSA: This is a friendly reminder that ALL villagers are beautiful. No matter how often they refuse to water their flowers.

My villagers love running around in our orchard! So I set the orchard in front of a mountain and slapped a few of these bad boys up to cover the cliff side. No regrets here! This has easily become one of my most useful and adored panel designs!

Of course, I’m a sucker for lattices. They mesh seamlessly with my vineyard theme!

Finally, I have some vintage wallpaper designs to share with you! Get that Polaroid camera ready because it’s throwback time!

Finishing Touches!

Now that we’ve filled our server with great floors and panels, it’s time to add a few little quirks to show off on our tours! We’ll complete our look with some of the finer details! What about a fortune-teller stall?

Spooky! Now where's my Ouija board?
Design Code: MO-4LXO-V84Y-CMQM

Combine that design with these next designs and Halloween can be a year long holiday that would make the Mad Hatter and Jack Skellington blush with pride!

Paper Lanterns are easily the best lighting in the game. Although Cherry Blossom Lanterns give them a run for their money!
Creator Code: MA-4351-8185-0928

This next creator used Harv’s house in search of some inspiration. When I look at this picture, my heart is filled with great sadness since I can’t decorate villager homes! This design is superb!

Surely I'm not the only weeb in this blog. Spam some japanese characters around town!
Creator Code: MO-7383-6740-2776

Hungry For More?

Don’t be afraid to take the leap into creating your own designs! Remember that practice makes perfect! I’d love to post more designs here, but a renowned scientist told me including more pictures on this web page could cause the Earth to spontaneously combust! Or maybe he said it would slow down my page speed. Who knows, I forget!

Of course, I know how gratifying it is to window shop these images so I’ll share my favorite source. In the meantime, enjoy the hunting the catalogs in search of that perfect design! It scratches that perfect consumerist itch without us spending a dime. Thank you Nintendo, and thank you AC:NH community for these lovely designs! You’re beautiful. Keep being you!