Animal Crossing New Horizons "Nightmare Before Christmas Edition" Jack Skellington and sally holding hands beneath the full moon, singing the final song before the credits roll, but it's customized over a backdrop of spooky ACNH dream addresses.

4 Animal Crossing Dream Addresses That Scream Nightmare Before Christmas

Are you looking for some decorative inspiration for your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Maybe you just want to pester Luna for some awesome ACNH Nightmare Before Christmas-themed dream addresses. Either way, there aren’t any tricks here, only lovely treats!

But before diving into the spookiest Halloween DA’s on the web, let’s geek out over some filmography! It’s the whole point of these dual fandom crossover posts, isn’t it?

Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas is a cult classic, securely tucked in Disney’s vault. 

When Tim Burton stepped up to the plate, he already boasted titles like 1988’s Beetlejuice and 1990’s Edward Scissorhands under his belt…

But it wasn’t until ol’ Tim Burton released a film with Henry Selick in 1993 that he solidified his stylistic approach to film we adore today. 

It’s funny to reflect upon. Disney’s executives worried themselves that The Nightmare Before Christmas would be too morbid to market to young viewers. They hid it behind their Touchstone Pictures alias to avoid bad press.

Dr. Finklestein rudely attempts to carry Sally away from town square during the hype of post-halloween success.

Fun Fact: Henry Selick is a confirmed fan of Studio Ghibli! I bet he’d enjoy some Studio Ghibli Dream Addresses!

Long story short, three years of hard work in development paid off. A stop-animation masterpiece rose from the ashes of their labor. Tim Burton and Henry Selick built a team destined for greatness. They’d go on to produce James and The Giant Peach together in 1996.

Anyway, I won’t hold you hostage with a wall of text scattered along the walls in Oogie Boogie’s lair.

Let’s visit some gorgeous Halloween and Christmas hybrid islands. Each island was an endearing labor of love. If Dr. Finklestein saw them, he’d seeth with envy. All 4 Nightmare Before Christmas dream addresses overflow with patchwork ingenuity!

Don’t mind my outfit in the screenshots. I wanted to parade my villager around as Strawhat Luffy for Halloween.

Creator: Bekah
Island Name: Mellow

Our first stop is an island called Mellow. We find ourselves exploring a tranquil autumn evening. Jack-O-Lanterns light the skies, aligned in perfect symmetry. Mabel’s storefront features a lovely display of Halloween costumes to help set the mood. 

Then the movie references come piling in like a rake-load of vibrant leaves! 

Bekah designed her house to mimic the iconic holiday portal scene that Jack Skellington fumbled across in his opening scene. She brought her vision to life by dedicating each room to its own holiday town! No tricks here, it really was a treat!

Keep an eye out for Sally’s precarious dishes! Redd’s hidden beach nestles a clever little Deadly Night Shade reference.

Creator: Zuul
Island Name: Goth Beach

Goth Beach is a winter island that spread Halloween and Christmas elements in playful disarray and smashed them together like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This dream address also gets an A+ for interactivity. Check the ground for presents!

Oogie Boogie had an atmospheric gambling room lined with glowing slot machines. Hands down, it was this dream island’s biggest highlight! 

The Boogieman isn’t the only reference you’ll find on Goth Beach, either! You can also find Sally, Zero, and Jack Skellington standing in a solemn graveyard.

The creator also had an affinity for The Misfits. Yeah, the old punk band. Their island flag bore the image of the Misfit skull logo. They decorated an entire house to be a jaw-dropping concert pub. Still not enough music for your tastes? 

They included a skeleton band AND a Snowman band. The Nightmare Before Christmas was a musical, after all. What would it be without a little extra music?

Creator: Kale
Island Name: Moonscar

Moonscar is a spooky autumn cottage-core island. This island is both elegantly crafted and insatiable! I mean it.

Upon waking up in the plaza, we find ourselves in a neat little flea market filled with outfit stalls we can dress up in. We get to explore a fun little haunted hayride maze.

And then we hit the real jackpot: Jack Skellington’s workshop as he studies the meaning of Christmas. The balance between holiday decor is absolute perfection!

The island of Moonscar is easily one of the best exhibits in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It even rivaled my beloved Witcher-themed DA’s.

Creator: Kaii
Island Name: Moonstone

Exploring Moonstone is a truly unique experience! It’s more than simply a Nightmare Before Christmas-themed island. It’s an entire Tim Burton-themed village. The moment we wake up, we see the island flag waving an image of the infamous precipice Jack and Sally retreat to at the start and end of the film. 

Out of all the islands I’ve visited, Moonstone proudly references the most Nightmare Before Christmas scenes. There’s even an area dedicated to the scene where Lock, Shock, and Barrel kidnap Santa – bathtub and trash bags included!

The island of Moonstone includes lots of Corpse Bride references, too. If you’ve seen it, you’re in for a double king-sized treat!

Well, Luna, So Much For Sweet Dreams!
We're Off to Have Nightmares!

There you have it! Four Halloween Town mockups that would make their two-faced mayor stand proud. If you enjoyed visiting these dreamy Nightmare Before Christmas-themed islands, maybe you’ll get a kick out of these Alice in Wonderland themed dream addresses. Looking for a crossover with stronger Nintendo vibes? These Legend of Zelda Dream Addresses might be up your alley.

Much love, and thank you for reading!