Here’s Help Finding The Best Zelda YouTubers for YOU

Finding rock-solid content is tricky – like navigating the Great Sea with a crusty autumn Deku Leaf. Our tastes, expectations, and interests vary. Today I’ll rescue you from the dreaded Yiga-Clan pitfall of god-awful content. We’ll skim the 42 Best Zelda YouTubers to find you a fit snug enough to acquit the most dire Sheikah murder trials.

Rest assured, these aren’t the ramblings of a random internet stranger, either. Much like my Best Rocket League YouTuber list, I hurled a questionnaire at the community and mopped up hundreds of electronic envelopes. That way we can hit all the mainstream stuff and scour the furthest corners of Lorule and Termina, too.

We’ll delve into channels of all flavors:

  • Lore
  • Speedrunning
  • Modding
  • Guides
  • Music covers
  • Music analysis
  • Psychology
  • Backend development
  • Blind playthroughs
  • Competitive randomizers
  • Glitching the matrix
  • Development facts
  • Fan art
  • Humor

You get the idea.

Look, you’re probably ready to mash ‘A’ past all this Navi tutorial crap. Let’s slap on our Goron masks and get rolling down the slopes of Death Mountain already.

Zelda Lore Channels

Best Zelda Lore YouTubers. Ganondorf looking menacing.

Here’s a salute to all my fellow Ganon-Dorks out there. It’s fun listening to someone dissect that feeling of loneliness in Breath of the Wild, or How LoZ bases species templates on Godai philosophy. Luckily, YouTube has a killer lore lineup.


**Top Pick**

Zeltik is the most venerated ZeldaTuber out there. Period. Even if we cast aside his calculated video edits and palpably riveting topics, his unwavering expertise alone lands him a spot on today’s list.

Whether you sway toward 2D or 3D Zelda games, I guarantee there’s a Zeltik playlist casting rays of light upon your favorite titles.

If Zeltik tailors an opinion-based video, he drives a hard, irrefutable argument that could pass as gospel. We’re lucky Zeltik stayed out of politics – In another dimension, we’re short a talented entertainer and up one hyper-persuasive, pot-tossing monstrosity. 


This channel could win high-Rupee prizes on Zelda trivia night, too.

MonsterMaze uploads consistently with an uncompromising seal of quality. He garnered fame with a hilarious Bokoblin mockumentary. That’s his thing: He devises cunning, whimsical strategies for video presentations.

Editing is second-nature to MonsterMaze, but he isn’t afraid to hire a seasoned battalion to further optimize his work. Here’s an A+ for ingenuity, fabulous scripting, and a wildly underappreciated finesse for folklore.


NBC’s channel flourishes in the dense jungle of romantic fan theories – claiming popularity by scrutinizing the classic ZeLink ship. Although, NintendoBlackCrisis doesn’t let the spoils of one successful series cloud his judgment.

This YouTuber is a frontrunner in dissecting ancient Zonai lore. His scripting and filmmaking talents shatter expectations. His understanding of in-game items and journal entries are triumphant beacons of insight. If you’re seeking a YouTuber who can highlight The Legend of Zelda’s most iconic moments across the full series, NBC is your guy.


Vortex is no longer with us, but she laid the groundwork for what a good Zelda lore channel looks like. She pioneered the idea that a keen eye for production quality could cultivate her super-niche passion into a success story. Vortex is an untouchable legacy amongst Zelda lore content creators. She nailed the convoluted Zelda timeline while sheathed in the misty confines of the YouTube dark ages! Without her bravery, many of the channels on this list wouldn’t exist.


Before sealing off the lore segment, I’d like to highlight a blossoming YouTuber itching for exposure.

Kilik is chill. His clever humor slices through monotony like a sharpened Biggoron Sword. While I admit he soapboxes crackpot theories, they’re inventive – and often difficult to dethrone.

Kilik also heads a unique myth-buster series where he proves (and disproves) old playground rumors revolving around reigning Zelda classics. Wait… Is that a smash or pass series? Hey, clicks are King. Besides, it perked a few pointy ears, didn’t it? That’s entertainment in a nutshell.

Zelda News And Review Channels

Big brands like IGN or Polygon boast the fortified manpower to monopolize races to news and reviews. Although, humbler channels offer intimacy. Opinions don’t stagger like an electrified Lizalfos and news leans heavier into speculation.

Commonwealth Realm

**Top Pick**

This general Nintendo news outlet splurges on voice actors and assistance flipping through pages of tattered books. They leave brutally honest opinions – which are deceptively hard to find in the world of content creation. Scripting sometimes feels bland, but Commonwealth Realm still weaves an intricate narrative of love and loss when it comes to the Hero of Time, Hero of Winds, and Hero of Hyrule.

Edible Incredible

Edible Incredible hosts one of those ADHD-looking channels, rigged with lightning-fast film cuts and a matching thunderous voice catered toward TikTok enthusiasts. Edible Incredible’s main strength lies in speculative news, but he also covers gameplay listicles, mock battles, and lore. His eyes are quick and naturally drawn to detail. He can pull 10,000 ideas from Tingle’s flamboyant little hat with a teaser trailer’s worth of footage.

This YouTuber is a goldmine of credibility when it comes to Zelda content.

Hyrule Gamer

This YouTuber is a natural-born storyteller: Narrative flows through his veins as though he’s a primordial shaman. His epic tales could perk the knowledge-fueled wrinkles on Impa’s forehead. Sure, sometimes he adorns those powers to craft silly videos addressing fandom stereotypes… but his performance peaks when he’s shedding light on upcoming games.

He’s also the godfather of the Blood Moon Cooking Guide.


Sometimes YouTubers attain fame by pointing out dirty jokes told in Zelda games. Attention-grabbing thumbnails don’t hurt, either.

But the truth is, ZeldaMaster’s research skills rival the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. When it came to Tears of the Kingdom, his leaks were pretty credible. And while he isn’t explicitly a reviewer, he’s posted critiques of BotW master mode. He’s covered the alienation old-school Zelda fans felt when BotW discarded classic dungeon formats.

ZeldaMaster glues his ears to the LoZ community, making him a valuable ally when it comes to news and reviews.

Octorok Reviews

While Octorok Reviews is still an infant YouTube channel, it clasps a dazzling future in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of Zelda titles. His reviews aren’t as snappy as a channel like “Before You Buy,” but they’re fine-tuned to a demographic that’s grown up with copies of LoZ handheld titles nestled in their pockets. He’s aiming to compare specifics, like whether or not a remake holds up to the original. He can help you find which edition truly is “Definitive” amidst a flurry of marketing buzzwords.

Zelda Development And Psychology Channels

Development and Psychology Zelda YouTubers. Young Link holding ocarina near Saria.

For those of you who want to dive into the heads of Eiji Aonuma and the Nintendo EPD development team… or maybe just the heads of fellow gamers.


**Top Pick**

Aside from being an Eldin Ring junkie, BanditGames has a lot going for his channel. His voice could soothe an infant Deku Sprout.

He straddles a fine line between conventional lore content and backend development. Although, he shovels heaps of emphasis on dev info. Things like Aonuma’s influences when planning character models or background info on how characters earned their names.

I can rest easy knowing that someone else is an avid fan of burrowing down Wikipedia rabbit holes. I can rest easy knowing that BanditGames speaks fluently in passionate fanboy chatter. He’s fun and outgoing. His vocal pacing doesn’t overwhelm or lull viewers to sleep. He’s spirited when it comes to history and mythology. Most importantly of all, BanditGames seamlessly flows into thought-provoking outros.

Liam Triforce

Liam posts long podcast-like format videos – perfect for filling the void of a tiresome commute. He has a flair for studying game design.

He’ll point out when a game sparks innovation, twisting old mechanics to freshen up a gameplay loop. He focuses a lot on the fluidity of movement patterns and dungeon layouts. He drafts pieces on “The Emotional Wisdom of Skyward Sword.” Sometimes he rates item integration between Aonuma’s finest projects.

If you’re one of the dreamers out there yearning to design a Zelda-like of your own, Liam provides quintessential material.


I remember packing up my switch to visit a friend’s house a while back. He was a diehard Zelda fan who mained Link for every game of smash bros. He begged to try out BotW before the night’s end.

Some people’s entire gaming experience can be summarized as an isolated Zelda-series obsession. If that sounds like you, RebeccaETripp is your uncontested YouTube counterpart. Her voice is a little stiff and her audio equipment isn’t on par with big-money channels, but she dices videos with top-notch music and screenshots.

Rebecca also uploads Zelda musical compositions, but her reputation roots from her Psychological Impact of Zelda series, which is worth a peek to anyone placing Link on a high pedestal. Honestly, I think it’s awesome that someone out there is documenting these things. You never know what sticks in the history books until the Calamity hits.


Nayru is a fully-dedicated ZeldaTuber. You might see an odd video that strays as far as “The History of Zelda Items Appearing in Animal Crossing,” but that only paints a more vivid portrait of Nayru: A firm Zelda fanatic. Nayru sustains a well-rounded sphere of expertise. His voice is rigid and robotic, but he presents information in a tidy fashion.

Above all else, he’s intrigued by the video game creation process. He vehemently crams lore videos with developmental tidbits. Nayru will tell you about the history of the ReDead, or how a Twilight Princess sequel dissolved into a disappointing tech demo.

Speedrunners, Modders, And Streamers. Oh my!

Best Zelda Speedrunning YouTubers. Twilight Princess and Breath of The Wild action shot collage.

To avoid bloat, I want to split guide writers from speedrunners and modders. Of course, the harsh reality is: The best Zelda players in the world are the coaches. Things get messy. I’ll separate ‘break the game’ guides seen in this section from general ‘get me past this dang puzzle’ type stuff – Clearing the skies for a less turbulent Loftwing cruise.


**Top Pick**

Kleric is a general deviant… and incredibly skilled. His gameplay is peppered with perfect Octo Balloon placement, flawless stasis timing, exemplary bomb trajectories with zero hesitation. No joke, I spent half an hour of my life watching him clear the notorious Eventide Island shrine quest… without activating it. He soared across the island on a raft like a child playing “the floor is lava” until he dunked all three orbs into their respective homes.

Kleric’s channel hammers out comprehensive tutorials capable of forging speedrunners overnight. This crafty little gremlin YouTuber schools us on clipping through walls and duplication glitches. He covers bullet-time bounce, bow lift smuggling… all the crazy physics-melting shenanigans imaginable.

Voiceovers are scarce, but Kleric posts controller overlays and helpful text descriptions. Most importantly of all, he isn’t afraid to credit the diligent players who discover these absurd mechanics.


Here’s a YouTuber with energy. He bears an affable smile that’s suited for show business. He’s also a frontrunner in the Zelda modding scene. He sheds light on difficulty mods – such as Relics of the Past.

He’s crazy about randomizers, re-tuning Breath of the Wild into a full-blown roguelike experience. He isn’t just pilfering random loot, we’re talking random teleportation, random item loss, randomized music. PointCrow’s personality accentuates the madness marvelously.

Did I mention he’s funding the BotW multiplayer mod? Then he promotes it by pitting legendary speedrunners against hordes of bloodthirsty ‘hunters.’

Mr A-Game

When watching a ‘let’s play’ channel, the audience craves unorthodox and amazing. Things like a 100% run on master mode with a permadeath mutator activated. Things like grabbing a friend and splitting joy-cons for a synchronized Lynel killing spree. Things like conquering the Calamity Ganon with a pot lid.

Mr A-Game executes. ‘Nuff said.

His on-the-fly dialog is engaging, albeit his cuts can feel a little spammy. But all that practice makes for super-fun blooper reels!

He also shows Skyward Sword and Majora’s Mask some much-appreciated love.


Have you ever seen a YouTuber slay every monster in the massive Breath of the Wild overworld before a Blood Moon respawn? What about self-inflicted challenge modes such as only equipping Gerudo gear for a playthrough?

Croton is lightyears ahead of his competition in the field of homebrew challenge runs. He’s boiled loot and enemy scaling into a science, which is also available in his vast library of videos.


Waikuteru is an insanely skilled modder. He uses his YouTube channel to showcase completed projects and unleashes them into the world like a pack of hungry Bokoblins. Except he’s creating enemies more fearsome – Things like the Asura Lynel.

He’s also modded entire DLC expansions such as Lost Records and Doors of Doom. He’s created Egyptian pyramid dungeons and casually patched Mario Kart into the land of Hyrule. 

Look, I’m barely scratching the surface here. Waikuteru is definitely worth a gander if you’re a PC gamer itching for a more robust BotW experience. I’m sure he’ll crack the architecture of TotK before long, too. It’s running the same engine and assets as BotW, after all!


Limcube hosts another speedrun/guide channel. Although, his commentary during speedruns is already highly informative… Even when he’s speedrunning the Tarreytown wedding quests. Speedrun vids have an easily scannable interface – which isn’t always a given when watching talented gamers roam Hyrule.

He’ll also toss guides on pulling the Master’s Sword with only 3 hearts, or entering the infamous ‘Item Smuggling’ state that allows Link to fly from Akkala to the arctic wastelands of Tabantha faster than the speed of light, err… buffering.


Alright, so let’s say you enjoy the principle of randomizers, but want to see some older games get representation. Linkus7 pays respects to many Zelda titles, even A Link to The Past and Minish Cap!

He’s a major cog in the speedrunning scene, sometimes going as far as spreading word on popular meme runs throughout the franchise.

He also toys with modded challenge runs – like gaining 1% movement speed each time he attacks, which messes with physics more than I suspected – he couldn’t climb ladders.


First off, let me send out my sympathy. Gymnast is a let’s play streamer who’s suffered “crowd control” randomizers, allowing his viewers to interact with him in various ways… like inverting his controls, freezing his camera in place, or changing the size of his character.

But Gymnast86 is kind of a big deal. He’s a speedrunner who’s held world records for Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword HD. He’s arguably the most important piece toward solving the infamous “Wind Waker Barrier Skip,” along with a plethora of other elusive Zelda-related glitch-hunts. And he left a beautiful YouTube paper trail lying in his wake.

Brace yourselves, streams last upward of six hours. Although, his viewers adore that about him.


When it comes to breaking boundaries in Breath of the Wild, Mety333 is the most fervent YouTuber out there. Of course, he fiddles with other parts of the overworld, too. He once baited a guardian out to the Gerudo Desert to stage a deathmatch with a Molduga… using himself as the bullseye. Mety doesn’t utilize commentary, but his appreciation for sandbox physics is contagious.

Sometimes his videos scream clickbait, but I’ve never walked away feeling underwhelmed by his content. 200,000+ subscribers seem to agree.


Ocarina of Time is the true OG, and I’ll be damned if I don’t include a speedrunner who spends his day blowing on old N64 cartridges. He blasts through randomizers. He runs the Gold Quest romhack. He also trims less impactful moments to keep videos shorter. It’s a wholesome trip down memory lane, and a pleasure to see Epona get the attention she deserves.

Yeah, maybe I’m a victim of nostalgia goggles here. Fight me.


Now you probably see why that last section needed chopped. Normies like us are more likely to search for BotW bow tier lists or shield surfing guides.

Don’t worry. I’ve got the basics under control, too!

100 Percent Zelda

**Top Pick**

When it comes to basic guide writing, I think 100 Percent Zelda has the best chops out there. This YouTuber excels at formatting information. His pacing is top-notch and digestible. He’s thorough, but not wordy.

100PercentZelda encompasses all your run-of-the-mill BotW exploit guides such as infinite rupees and farming ancient parts. But he’s also stretching galaxies beyond – breaking down Lynel attack patterns, overhauling standard equipment guides.

With 100PercentZelda on your team, you’ll never wander the Lost Woods alone again.

GameOver Jesse

If you’re hunting for more down-to-Earth tutorials that won’t warp the space-time continuum of Zelda games, GameOver Jesse delivers. His pacing suits the job. He isn’t blasting random tidbits of filler, and his film cuts are clean.

He became a viral sensation mentoring us through Lynel and Guardian brawls. I’m excited to see him carry us through Tears of the Kingdom, too!

Zelda Dungeon

This fully-staffed YouTube channel displays more complete Zelda walkthroughs than any other. Zelda Dungeon covers titles dating back to the SNES. Each guide is neatly sorted with well-labeled titles. They release mounds of content – probably more than anyone could safely consume. Best of all, videos are succinct and to the point.


 ZorZelda is another irreplaceable walkthrough resource…. Except this guy clears entire games without taking a single point of damage. Talk about the dedication of a hardcore gamer!

My Skyward Sword walkthrough would probably fall short before hitting Ghirahim. Not only does ZorZelda clear Skyward Sword, he rampages through A Link to the Past, Link’s Awakening, Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask… literally everything. He’s untouchable.


Now that I’ve cleared out the nostalgia cobwebs, I’ll hop back aboard the BotW/TotK bandwagon. Sort of… (RMFH hosts a series where he spots Easter egg appearances and places them side-by-side with images of their origins.)

I decided to sneak him into the tutor section due to his popular guides. RMFH is the godfather of the rare horse tutorial, and possibly the wind bomb guide. He also helps new players decipher and uncover the best pieces of armor. All great assets to have on hand for our brethren whose adventures began on Switch hardware.

Zelda Fanimation Station

Best Fanart and Fanimation Zelda YouTubers. Princess Zelda picks a Silent Princess flower.

Here’s something light for the times you get plowed by a Dodongo. Also, if Animal Crossing is your jam, you can admire these Zelda-themed Dream Addresses while winding down.


**Top Pick**

What can I say?

Majorlink surpasses the most seasoned critics’ expectations. He releases full feature-length animations – serials and episodic.

He’s skilled at raising tension with dramatic cuts, rivaling the handiwork you’d envision from a Lon Lon Ranch film festival. Intense breathing patterns and expressive hand gestures concoct evocative scenes brimming with mortality.

His scripts belong in a secure vault beneath the Termina Milk Bar… And he doesn’t stray far from the nostalgic atmospheres we remember. Sound files match the tones of Hyrule to a tee. His music selection is exquisite, too.


RwanLink is a YouTuber who’s elegant and fluid in the language of Unreal Engine 4. He can captivate heartfelt moments with strategic camera angles. Moreover, his animation skills are on par with original works, even going as far as matching the UI of text boxes for respective Zelda titles.

But he isn’t always so rigid. He can mesh Hyrule’s art styles with the likes of Studio Ghibli and make it feel both breathtaking and sublime.


I wanted to include something light.

Here’s a YouTuber who specializes in cute short clips. Shar enjoys shipping ZeLink in a modern-day world, a great surprise for your girlfriend on lunch breaks.

Zelda Music Performance And Analysis YouTubers

Best Zelda Music YouTubers. Zora shreds guitar.

Musicians are generally off doing their own thing, but the fact they snip time from their busy schedules to remaster a few stunning Zelda tracks means they’re gamers at heart. I’d like to feature a handful of the best Legend of Zelda music content, too!


**Top Pick**

GameChops offers extensive lo-fi Zelda mix compilations perfect for a lengthy work or study sesh. The Korok Forest mix slaps. But don’t take my word for it, he’s hatched three feature-length Zelda soundscapes to explore. And if you’ll venture out to other Nintendo classics, he’s probably running a live station as you read this!

Tim de Man

Tim de Man envisioned an album of Zelda tunes refurbished for a Celtic harvest festival. In 2019, he made that dream into a reality with “Hyrule Highlands,” and again in 2022 with “Hyrule Highlands 2.” If two full albums of role-playing doesn’t qualify a fan, I’m not sure what does.

You’ll be bouncing off the walls in a full-blown Irish Ceili before the end of the second song.

Erik C ‘Piano Man’

I first fumbled into this YouTuber when searching for a pianist playing Song of Storms. Buried on the results page was a blistering waltz decimating competition with brisk staccato arpeggios and skillful parading across the keyboard. Then there’s his Ganondorf theme… It’s impeccable! Luckily for us, he’s published a full medley of Zelda tunes. 

Check out the “nostalgia version” for a more traditional listening experience.

Save Data

Save Data is a channel run by a group of gamer besties, and one of those friends happens to be a fellow music nerd. There’s a series where we can sit back and marvel at the theory and historical background to the Gerudo Desert Theme among other Zelda classics. While the channel currently leans into Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, a little success could draw his attention to newer releases.

Lucas Gitano Family

Speaking of the Gerudo Desert Theme, this channel does an unrivaled flamenco cover. Guitarists with soulful flair don’t always peruse our alley. I had to include it. 

But his other songs might catch your fancy. He’s constantly covering video game and anime theme songs with and adding that refulgent new flamenco flair.

Balladial Piano

Want to learn some songs yourself?

Balladial Piano offers great beginner-friendly piano tutorials, slowed down with on-screen fingerings and highlighted rhythms. It’s the simplest route to becoming a Hylian composer yourself. They’ve also uploaded the most Hylian tunes!

Funniest Zelda YouTubers

Funniest Zelda YouTubers. Windwaker and Breath of The Wild collage.

Let’s finish this post off with a few laughs. We’ve all had situations where we felt like idiots, like the time I didn’t know to sneak around a Lynel for Prince Sidon’s quest.

We deserve to laugh at the misfortune of others, too!

The Anything Show

**Top Pick**

Some channels thrive on the elegance of simplicity. We don’t need narration to laugh. We don’t need to stretch for the same handful of dad jokes, either. At its core, The Anything Show is a masterful compilation of the biggest BotW fails on the internet. Ever seen a horse devour the fruit of a Korok puzzle? Obscene ragdoll physics prolonged by a dozen fairies?

Well, you’re about to.


Dannydinosaur is a funny guy. Remember watching your childhood bestie flail through gameplay, laughing up a maelstrom while toying with enemies? This channel does that with gusto. But deep inside, Danny’s just an everyday gamer like you or me. He’s imaginative. His voice carries boatloads of emotion.

We’ll award him bonus points for letting us catch a glimpse of the Relics of the Past mod, too. 

Boko Club Gaming

This channel is commentary-free. It’s just pure, unscathed, reckless video game behavior. You know that indescribable urge you get to spend hours constructing a Bokoblin prison? Ever want to experience the life of a fierce Lynel caught in cyclonic pursuit? Your search ends here.

Boko Club Gaming is certain to leave Princess Zelda lying in wait another hundred years before he binds the Calamity. He’s too busy gathering explosive barrels for everyday antics.


While this channel is primarily composed of “What Your Favorite X Says About You” videos, I concede they’re tailored to the LoZ community. Zeldom knows his demographic, and his listicles remain consistent yet original. He earns my stamp of approval.

That’s a wrap, folks! I hope you found at least a dozen ZeldaTubers that match your vibe. I imagine your browsing history is fixing to look like Link’s browsing history. As always, thanks for reading!