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The 15 BEST Rocket League Youtubers on The Internet

Let’s talk about Rocket League YouTubers. If you want to step up your game in Rocket League, you’ll want to soak up as much content as possible. If you’re just itching to play a game or two while deserted in an isolated employee break room, you might just want to unwind to some comedic content.

Like many of you, I have a love/hate relationship with YouTube. On one hand, an awesome content creator is the lifeblood of modern entertainment. Good content helps hobbies thrive. On the other hand, shuffling through an endless stream of clickbait is the epitome of a bad time.

You know what I’m talking about:

“You’ll never guess what happens next!” when it’s plain as day what will happen next.

“I… I can’t even… right now!” becomes a ringing cadence of monotony to lull the viewer to sleep.

Of course, we can’t forget the three-minute monologue about how Earth’s atmosphere will spontaneously dissolve if we don’t hit that like and subscribe button… Oh, also the merch. Link to the merch below if you don’t want to fall victim to some obscure disease that your grandmother probably invented in a 20-year-old chain mail.

Anyway, I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t enjoy YouTube.

Despite its flaws, YouTube is a massive step forward in human entertainment. In Rocket League, mechanical tutorials benefit greatly from visual reference.

I wouldn’t consider the content on YouTube as my competition. My format of pen and paper can shed insight. YouTube is great for bringing that insight to fruition.


Today, I’d like to filter out the obnoxious screams of an 8-year-old boy. I’d like to filter out the clueless dude who just downloaded the game yesterday. Today, we’re going to talk about the 15 BEST Rocket League YouTubers. Luckily for us, we’ve got a plethora of great content creators to choose from!


RL youtuber: Sunlesskhan

Let’s kick this list off with the most well-respected Rocket League YouTuber on the internet. Sunless is the father of quality Rocket League content. Before we had the learning tools available to us that exist today, Sunless was blazing a trail of hard work, dedication, and quality content.

His tutorial series “Why You Suck At Rocket League” is still the most shared RL series on the web. It speaks volumes about his channel. He produced those videos in 2017.

The Sunless brand is nearly unparalleled. When clicking into a SunlessKhan video, we know what to expect. He greets us with a conversational tone. He’s humble about his skill level. His sense of humor doesn’t come at anyone’s expense. Everyone is welcome.

Sunless offers top-notch video editing skills. The action is steady and the entertainment value is unrelenting. He does his research before gushing about his favorite pro players. The dude is an entertainment mastermind.

Here’s his channel.


RL youtuber: Thanovic

I’ve recently concluded that Thanovic is the best YouTube coach this world has to offer. The man could articulate more RL content in a bead of sweat than most creators publish in their entire lives. His videos leave no stone unturned when it comes to description.

Thanovic also speaks in a comforting voice with resounding clarity. He leaves bold, legible text on-screen to help guide the viewer through transitions, and his camera and audio quality are leagues above most other RL Youtubers.

We’re pretty lucky to have this legend of a man. His camera work is robust enough to produce a new Avengers film. His graphic editing talent could clear all the blotches off of Ariana Grande’s last photoshoot. He could have been a spokesman for Tesla press conferences. 

Instead, he’s dedicated to delivering us top-quality RL tutorials. Whether you’re on the hunt for a simple guide or a complete synopsis of on-field rotations, nobody nails the delivery like Thanovic.

Here’s his channel.

Rocket Sledge

Rocket Sledge face reveal

Rocket Sledge is the type of man who isn’t afraid to do his research. He attracts a sophisticated audience, despite his infamous demolition-heavy playstyle.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Rocket Sledge in all his Canadian glory. He may be the last RL content creator who handles every aspect of his channel on his own.

Despite that heavy workload, Sledge cuts each video with precision and care.

Honestly, his hands-on approach has given him an edge. He’s one of the most well-connected YouTubers in the Rocket League space. He’s contacted giants in the trading scene, such as sanctioned middlemen. He’s an active member of the custom bot development team. Sledge even managed to play a few games with Terry Crews!

Here’s his channel.


Rocket League pro player and famous youtube all-star: Lethamyr

I’ve got to show our pasty-boy some love.

Leth is a retired RLCS pro. He gained his popularity as a mechanical superstar player while playing for Ghost. He also coached MousEsports before they disbanded.

When it comes to sheer skill, Leth resides along the best of the YouTube content creators. He keeps a consistent uploading schedule, too.

From the get-go, we know we’re checking out great content. Lethamyr blasts a quality intro sequence. It sends an immediate message to us: Budget is no object.

Lethamyr is less of an educational Youtuber and more of an unscripted ‘Let’s Play’ style influencer.

But don’t let that drive you away. Leth carries a friendly tone and often shares his video spotlight with his longest-standing community supporters.

Leth secured a solid niche in the modding community. He dumps hundreds of hours into producing custom training maps and gimmick courses.

Lethamyr single-handedly publishes over half of the functional RL workshop maps in existence. I can’t stress these modding talents enough: Lethamyr literally created a Fall Guys map.

He promotes fan-made game modes – mini-games leagues above the content Psyonix drops in limited-time modes.

So, if you’re playing Rocket League on PC, I highly recommend checking out his channel for maps he’s created and showcased. He’ll keep you laughing and having a good time.

You won’t realize it, but your RL skills will soar above neon heights – all from playing a few absurd games of skeeball or mini-golf.

Here’s his channel.

Sir Classy

RL youtuber: Sir Classy

Sir Classy has a distinguished way of speaking. If you run into him at the gas station, you might even label him as a “bro-chad” or whatever term you use for ‘meathead’ in your social group.

When I first laid eyes upon Sir Classy’s photo, I was convinced he was the human incarnation of a Monster energy drink. Don’t be fooled. 

This man is a genius. He is thorough. He can clearly remember the struggles he had to overcome to get to where he is. He can express his insight in a fun and engaging way that other RL content creators can only dream of delivering.

Never in my life did I expect to land a flip reset, but after a single view and a few hours of practice: Sir Classy turned me from an absolute dunce to a capable rocketeer.

Sir Classy is hilarious. He’s a pretty talented freestyler, too. Sure, there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube. If I see Classy has something posted, I insta-click. He makes learning an enjoyable experience.

Here’s his channel.

Frowzy Squirrel

Frowzy Squirrel face reveal

Frowzy Squirrel is a highly-specialized comedian who creates Ryan George style skits.

At first glance, Frowzy’s channel might seem like watching a random dude arguing with himself… and it is.

But his cutting skills and camera angles are artfully precise. Not to mention, Frowzy can deliver jokes better than half the A-list actors circulating through Hollywood.

If you’re looking for a channel that pokes fun at the culture of Rocket League, or just a unique take on how one of our own views the RL community, Frowzy is your guy. We’re lucky to have a comedic mastermind amidst our ranks.

Frowzy may be newer than the other featured channels here, but I have no doubt in my mind that he’ll surpass many of the YouTubers on this list as time marches onward.

Here’s his channel.

Jon Sandman

RL youtuber: Jon Sandman

Jon isn’t exceptionally good at Rocket League. He doesn’t post tutorials. He doesn’t host massive tournaments or develop any groundbreaking ideas. Still, the man is worth $1.2 million dollars. He was also the first Rocket League YouTuber to break one million subscribers.

For the longest time, I resisted Jon Sandman. I’m glad I finally gave in.

This guy is bursting at the seams with energy. Instead of freestyling on-screen, we hear him freestyling a hilarious string of jokes. The guy is armed to the teeth with snappy quips. He’s always smiling, even when the scoreboard reads a nasty 7-1 Brazil against him.

I’ve grown to respect Jon’s personality. Just look at him. He’s a total goof-ball. Despite YouTube comment sections being filled to the brim with accusations of Jon being carried by pros, he uploads daily. Honestly, even if he was carried, how many pros have you played with? Jon Sandman has played with nearly all of them.

Maybe someday he’ll be crowned as the first Plat to play in RLCS… No wait, Musty already claimed that title.

Jon Sandman secured a pretty solid niche in blind trading and RL cosmetics. He can decorate some pretty clean presets, if nothing else.

Here’s his channel.


John McDonald a.k.a. Jonnyboi_i. Headset on ready to commentate some RL games. This man hardly shaves!

There’s more than one John floating around in these waters. This English commentator has been the premier 1v1 tournament organizer for professional RL players. His commentary is quick, full of depth and analysis, and great for keeping tension high. His Salt Mine broadcasts will jostle you toward the edge of your seat. We’re talking about the level of quality you can expect from ESPN broadcasts.

If RLCS isn’t your thing, try watching some 1v1’s on Johnny’s channel. The games feel more engaging with the camera only snapping between two players. JohnnyBoi_i is also full of great information that you can take with you on the virtual field.

There’s a reason Psyonix hired him to commentate on RLCS. He’s brisk, emotional, informative, and clever. The guy is a natural.

Here’s his channel.


RL youtuber: CBell

Cbell’s greatest strength is that he’s always uploading content on the skills that matter. Sure, it might feel good to land a triple flip reset. Without solid game sense, you’ll never get the chance.

Cbell has the instincts of a coach coursing through his veins. Most YouTubers will end a video with a vague ‘just get out there and practice!’ CBell doesn’t falter, he’s full of great ideas for training exercises. After all, it’s better to know a training routine than to sit around twirling your thumbs, isn’t it?

His entertainment content is pretty well-crafted, too. The man isn’t short on innovation. He’ll play on an account that’s his literal phone number and clip the most memorable phone conversations…. Then he takes everything a step further by crafting a bingo card based on those conversations.

Here’s his channel.


RL youtuber and former pro player: Lethamyr

Formerly: Jhzr

Sometimes we just want to watch beautiful clips of car soccer. The type of playbook clips that shouldn’t be humanly possible.

Sometimes we want to sit there awestruck, wondering if we’re playing the same game as the freestyler we’re watching. Deep down, we’re all masochists.

Well, no RL freestyler is more experienced than JZR. He’s the father of freestyling, and almost always the beacon of inspiration for other freestyling YouTubers across the world. He’s an OG, active from community feedback forums predating Rocket League entirely. JZR uploaded videos back in the SARPBC days.

JZR can showcase Rocket League’s limitless skill ceiling in ways that ooze with imagination.

Sure, freestylers like Forky and Breezi are a little nuttier, but they don’t upload often. JZR, on the other hand, can consistently cook up a montage that’ll render you speechless.

Here’s his channel.


Sometimes I wonder if Evample learned to play Rocket League with a busted controller. His finger practically never abandons the powerslide button.

The result is a wildly unique and loose playstyle that’s unmatched by any other YouTuber. If you’re looking for inspirational clips, Evample is your guy. If you want to spend a few hours feeling bad about your own Rocket League capabilities, he’ll probably succeed in that department, too.

But he’ll do it with the flair of complete and utter Zen. Evample is the embodiment of your favorite Lo-Fi playlist jamming out to some good old fashioned car-soccer.

Pulse OSM

RL youtuber: Pulse OSM

Before hopping off of freestyler channels, I’d like to make a quick shout-out to OSM. Everything about his videos leaves the impression that he’s vibing. He’s along for the ride and hoping to make a few insane shots along the way.

Did I mention this dude is nuts? He’s brimming with skill.

OSM often interviews his teammates, keeping the content interesting throughout our stay.

Sometimes his teammates don’t have much to say, but OSM will poke and prod until he gets some interesting information out of that teammate. It’s respectable.

Clean shots and intriguing commentary? Count me in!

Here’s his channel.


RL youtuber and former pro player: Rizzo

While Rizzo might not edge out the personality of Jon Sandman, he’s got plenty to go around. He’s always playing with his buddy Sizz. As you watch his channel, you can feel the chemistry between the two blossoming into the type of thing we normies pray for after every lost solo que match.

You’ll feel like you’re growing alongside them. You’ll feel like you’re building a trustworthy bond with little Rizzo. It’s super rewarding.

They’re loud and boisterous. They aren’t censoring themselves or putting on a pretty PR image. Rizzo and Sizz are just that: Rizzo and Sizz.

Plus Rizzo is a retired pro, a pretty well-decorated one.

So, if you’re looking for a funny video from one of the best players in the world, Rizzo won’t disappoint. Be prepared to see a few corny impersonations, it’s part of his charm.

Here’s his channel.


RL youtuber: Mertzy

Mertzy has an innate sense of dry sarcasm. He isn’t offensive or rude. He just has one of those personalities that reminds you of Jim from The Office. Pairing his voice with prank videos is like pairing steak with a wildly overpriced wine.

One day, you might catch yourself watching him pretending to be another Youtuber thrashing their loyal fans. In another video, you’ll see him nonchalantly draining the boost reservoirs of pro players in a 1v1 challenge.

Sometimes he just clips a bunch of his most painful missed shots. They’re some of his most popular videos.

My favorite thing about Mertzy is his honesty. If he won a tournament because a couple pros carried him, he’ll tell you. He admits his faults. Mertzy has no issues exercising humility. It defines his online persona.

Also, he gets an A+ for branding. Mertzy has the second most distinguished preset in Rocket League.

Here’s his channel.


I poke a lot of fun at Musty, but I can’t deny he’s a talented creator. He’s got the rare gift of triple threat. He’s talented enough to be a pro, consistently entertaining, and has great editing skills.

Even if half of his edits are delivered as pogger spam, it gives him a distinguished style that’s meant to remain light-hearted and share a widespread appeal.

Musty even beat Sunless to one million subscribers despite his late start. He drops videos like clockwork, and it’s honestly pretty impressive.

Musty gained his popularity by posting clips of his special flick. If you haven’t heard of a Musty Flick by now, you’ve probably been living under a rock with Patrick Star.

I think the value of quantity shouldn’t be underestimated. One Piece is the most popular anime on the planet because it’s easy to sit down and watch for hours. It feels good to slouch back and smash the resume button without toiling through different channels or shuffling through hundreds of uninteresting, recycled old ideas with a different brand label.

The fact that he joined NRG with his plate stuffed to the brim as a full-time content creator speaks volumes about his unwavering dedication. Still, the kid’s got literal Dumbo ears. Brace yourself.

Here’s his channel.

rocket league tips and tricks: reading bounces. Half volley and full volley touches

Anyway, that’s my list of the best Rocket League influencers. We’ve got a great crew to select from. Should be enough to bleed your free time dry for a few months. Remember: one of the best paths to improving your own game is simply visualizing the possibilities. You can walk away feeling inspired, invigorated, and more aware of your own limitations.

Seeing is believing.

Are there any Youtubers I missed? Are you an aspiring content creator yourself? Drop a follow on social and let me get to know you a bit! Or don’t… I’ll live either way. Much love!

And as always… Thank you for reading!

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