Self-Proclaimed Beast Tamer. Blogging Since Jan. 2021!

Tarry Tolliver

My Weapon of Choice:

[A solid bow with wacky elemental arrows]

I enjoy titles that can yield infinite playtime. Rocket League, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Mario Kart, Diablo, and Minecraft. Rocket League takes the cake – I can boast 44 DAYS worth of playtime of car soccer. I’m an RL coach on PS4.

Everything else I play on my Nintendo Switch.

What Speaks to Me:

[Besides a 64-bit fairy who spams “hey, listen!”]

Who am I? I’m the tinkerer. I like to tear apart stories for their underlying themes, hunt for little trinkets of foreshadowing in story-telling.

When I was shuffling through the pages of Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men” I had to set the book down every time George would indulge himself in a game of solitaire. It was one of the most beautiful (somewhat contemporary) instances of foreshadowing I’d ever seen. I thrive for that feeling of pacing back and forth, my mind a whirlwind of thoughts and insights that I can commit to paper. Nothing to change the world or end a war, just feelings I would love to share!

When Harry Potter didn’t die at the end of his series? It broke the entire dichotomy he held with Voldemort! Over 4,000 pages of presumably hard work became kindling for my fireplace in a heartbeat.