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ACNH x Zelda: 8 Breathtaking Hyrule-Themed Dream Addresses

I have a confession to make. I’m obsessed with The Legend of Zelda. I’ve written an analysis on character development in BotW, I spit out a listicle of the 42 best Zelda YouTubers, and I’ve gushed about the theme of loneliness in BotW. Honestly, that’s barely scratching the surface. Anyway, when I saw how spectacular the themed dream addresses for Alice in Wonderland and Nightmare Before Christmas were, I immediately rummaged the web for the best Legend of Zelda themed ACNH dream addresses.

The results didn’t disappoint.

Whether you’re hoping to traverse the Lost Woods, fumble across a Great Fairy Fountain, or just go hunting for some Koroks, you’re in for a rare treat. These island designs are brimming with inspiration.

Maybe you want to shop around Gerudo town. Perhaps you want to jam out on an ocarina and slap on a Champion’s Tunic without a care in the world.

Bokoblin camps? Check.

The Great Deku Tree? Found him.

These community-made Dream Addresses expand the horizons of expectation. Pun shamelessly intended.

Admit it. You’re pretty excited, too. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s hunt down Luna and explore Hyrule: Animal Crossing style!

New Hyrule

This is the Zelda-themed dream address that most big publishers are covering. Honestly, it’s pretty good.

In many ways, New Hyrule is a Zelda-themed amusement park. This dream address is filled to the brim with adventures and temples. Each house I entered unraveled more to explore. I saw representation from every game, but I was most impressed with the Majora’s Mask scenes.

I snuck into a Milk Bar, fumbled across a mask shop, and found myself tooting an ocarina toward a familiar scarecrow. The nostalgia hit hard. I could hardly tell I was playing Animal Crossing!

I wasn’t a massive fan of the lost woods section. Hedge mazes in ACNH are frustrating. Still, pushing through felt rewarding. Hopping along stepping stones to get to a new temple was adorable. Ganon still has no chill, as you would expect. Definitely check out New Hyrule.

Creator Spotlight:


The island of Korok focused on heavy Breath of the Wild inspiration and delivered it with unparalleled beauty. I encountered the dreaded Flowerblight Ganon shrine and stepped foot on her flowers! I ran to resident services to beg Isabelle for the Magnesis rune because buried chests littered the ruins.

I climbed Satori mountain to find a statue of the legendary horse with infinite stamina. Outside of a stable was a dog barking at a treasure chest sparkling with gold!

This dream address was meticulously crafted, and I enjoyed every second of it.

Creator Spotlight:


Naydinfar had the most exquisite Hyrule Castle of the bunch. The Korok puzzles were the most unique. Kilton’s shop made an appearance, too!

each custom design tile was beautifully crafted, from the horse stable to the sand seals. Naydinfar oozes inspiration and fresh ideas.

The indoor shops had more depth than superficial references to Breath of the Wild. They felt fully fleshed out. This creator was nothing short of an artist, sketching masterpieces on the plane of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Creator Spotlight:

Twitter: @Naydinfar


Leafhaven bears some similarities to the village of Korok from earlier. That isn’t a bad thing, by any means! 

My personal highlights included:

  • The carefully placed stone spawns that made a perfectly round Korok circle.
  • The elegantly terraformed Zora’s Domain.
  • The cozy, yet true-to-form Zelda-inspired inn.
  • A multi-tiered Bokoblin camp.
  • The best fairy fountain of the bunch.


Seriously, the floor tiles for Zora’s Domain were already enough to make this trip worthwhile. If you’re still itching for a BotW-themed island, this island is up your alley.

Creator Spotlight:


Alright, I’d like to take a moment to steer away from the hyper-beautified instagram-level design space and enter a more practical and meme-ridden iteration of Hyrule.

The dream address for Eventide was simplistic, but it was also bursting with character. None of the other islands had references to the god-awful Legend of Zelda cartoon series from ages ago.

Eventide did. I honestly teared up from laughing so hard. This island isn’t trying too hard to be flashy. It wants to be approachable, and I sincerely respect that!



That house was full of Skulltulas! I can still hear the background noises from Ocarina of Time, despite the last time I played it was on the living room floor gripping an N64 controller in 1999.

Back then, everyone was hollering about Y2K and other nonsense.

I’m slowly growing to appreciate these clutter-core islands. They’re packed to the brim with oddities and nonsense, and it’s a pretty wild artistic statement… once you can figure out how to navigate the place.

Golden doesn’t feel too tight to walk around, which is a definite plus. It’s like taking a casual stroll and playing ‘Where’s Waldo?’ with Zelda references. If you’re looking for inspiration that isn’t 100% diehard Zelda-themed, you can find it here.

P.S. They have Gorons!

Creator Spotlight:

Twitter: @KryVegan

Saria's Fate

I almost didn’t cover this island since it was light on Zelda-references. The island is ultra-symmetrical, which appeals to one of my carnal instincts. It’s also an excellent spa destination.

Then it hit me. Link deserves a nice spa day more than anyone! Saving the world from lifetime to lifetime, it sounds exhausting!

Well, Saria’s Fate is precisely the royal treatment I would expect Hylians to deliver to their greatest hero during his downtime. Saria, I approve of your island getaway package. You took Tom Nook’s cheap timeshare scheme and turned it into something magnificent. I’ll surely visit again soon!

Creator Spotlight:

Pintrest: Daisy Brooks

New Bork

New Bork is a mud-blood island. It’s got an entire BotW region designed leagues above my capabilities, but it’s not entirely a Zelda island. I use the term mud-blood since the island jingle is from Harry Potter.

I thought it was a grand adventure. Kairi is a streamer who mainly plays AC, and I’m sure she designs some requests from her fans. She’s one of the better dream address designers. It was an honest pleasure to check her island out! Kakariko Village had a statue of the Goddess Hylia tucked behind a bridge. It was stunning.

Plus, she’s 100% transparent with her creator codes. I’ll share them, too! Happy hunting, my dear adventurers.

Creator Spotlight:

Twitter: KairiTTV

Time to Whistle for Epona. That's A Wrap!

N64 Link riding Epona off into the sunset

Quick! Before Navi gets all riled up with ‘Hey!’ and ‘Listen!’ again.

Anyway, there are the top 9 Legend of Zelda dream addresses available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! I hope you enjoy them. If you came looking for inspiration, I hope you found that, too! As always, thank you for reading.

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